Scream on the Trail

First Name:
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Your Age/Grade (normally high school or older)............................*****Please note anyone under the age of 18 will have to be accompanied to the trail by a parent or legal guardian so THEY can sign your volunteer waiver form. Sorry no exceptions.*****
Email Address #1: (which you check regularly)
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Street Address:
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It is always helpful to us if you are flexible about the section you are in, so that we can assign volunteers to the sections that most need the extra help. However, if you would prefer to only be assigned to a particular section or sections, please make sure those sections have a check mark, and be sure not to check the rest that you are not interested in. Line attendant / Trail Guide (adults only) Starting at 7:30pm "After Initial Training"
Actor/Monster (starting at 7:30pm) "After Initial Training"
Front Entrance / Parking attendant (starting at 7:30pm) "After Initial Training"
Patrolling the Line / Security Guard (Adults Only)(starting at 7:30pm) "After Initial Training"
Other section or sections you would like to be assigned to:
Scream on the trail will be open every night in October at dark and closing at 10:30 PM” Please specify the nights/dates in October that you will be available,, PLEASE NOTE that Weekends near Halloween are extremely busy and all volunteers helping out during these times are extremely appreciated! PLEASE LIST THE NIGHT/NIGHTS THAT YOU WILL BE AVAILABLE::
Times Available (if you have to leave early on a specific night):
*****Please note that all NEW volunteers will need to show up AT LEAST 45 minutes before opening "Dark" for Initial Training and to go over their positions and clear up any further questions that you may have!***** . . . Extra Stuff: Do you have any special skills that you think might be useful for the Haunted Trail, that you would like to volunteer? If so, please specify.
Do you know of anyone else who might be interested in volunteering for the Haunted Trail? If so, please give us their name(s) and email address(es) and/or phone number(s).
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